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Your feedback and queries are important to us, however please refer to the following FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions before contacting us.

Please note that you are contacting HISTORY UK. If your query or feedback relates to an international branch of HISTORY, you can find the contact details for your service at

For all other feedback and queries not covered in the FAQ, please contact us by post using the address on the right

A range of HISTORY shows are now available to buy through Amazon. If you cannot find the programme you are looking for, it is not available at this time, but may be added to the catalogue later. Some programmes are also available for purchase from US company A&E Television Network’s online store. There are limitations with this service though, as the company does not ship outside of the US and Canada, the DVDs will be in US Region 1 format and will be the original versions with US voice-over.

Please refer to the About Us page for the full list of channel providers.

The majority of our programming is purchased in completed form, and the programmes we do commission ourselves are produced in cooperation with established production companies.

If you are a production company with a programme proposal, please email the pitch to

If you are an individual with a great programme idea, you should search for and contact independent production companies known for making programmes related to your idea. Alternately, you could approach British arts funding bodies to apply for development and production funding.

For current employment vacancies please refer to the Jobs page.

You will be able to find out the time and date of all programmes airing within the next 7 days by searching using the TV Guide link.

In the majority of cases, audio and visual problems will be the result of localised transmission faults or the adjustment of your Sky or Virgin box.

If you experience persistent problems, we suggest you contact your service provider.

To unsubscribe from our email newsletters, please click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link on the bottom of all of our emails.

We cannot grant permission to release scripts or reproduce any audio or visual parts of our programmes.

Similarly, we cannot grant the right to reproduce any video or graphic materials from our website.

HISTORY welcomes website content being used as an educational citation source, as long as quotations are correctly referenced. No content may be reproduced for commercial use.

For further information, refer to our Terms and Conditions page.